Crafts for the Family – Earth Day Contest!

What better time for a contest than Earth Day!? Hartstrings is excited to announce we are holding a craft and photo contest for Earth Day.

We have provided basic instructions for building your very own Tin Can Herb Pots! We will also be participating and posting photos of our finished products along with several of your entries that we choose as winners!

So have fun with the family by creating your very own herb pots and submit your photos to We will choose several winners Tuesday, April 20th to post on the blog and be featured in our Earth day email blast!! See all requirements below*.

Hartstrings Earth Day Tin Can Herb Pots:

Make these charming pots and watch them grow all summer long. Not only does this project recycle but it also creates new plant life which is a great way to celebrate Earth Day! Your herbs are also great to use for cooking with your children – fresh herbs are a healthy way to flavor sauces and salads. This is a great way to teach children about gardening. Also check out your local library for books on the type of plant you are growing and how plants grow or find a recipe that includes your herb! It is not only a fun project for you to do with children but also can be an educational experience (and your children will never know! )

What you will need… These items you can find around you own house:

Empty Aluminum can – save your cans from canned coffee, fruits, vegetables or soups
Screw driver

Rocks or pebbles

Potting soil

Paper plate


These items you can find at your local craft or hardware store:

Paint primer

Decorative supplies – Craft Paints, stickers, paint brushes, sponges, etc…

Acrylic sealer spray (matte finish recommended)


1. Remove label from can and throughly wash and dry. If necessary, sand off any rough edges from the opening of can.

2. Turn can upside down and poke holes in bottom using screw driver and hammer (this is recommended for adults only!)

3. Paint outside of can with craft paint primer (Liquitex Basics gesso). Let dry completely.

4. Paint can in desired color or pattern. This is where you can get creative! Use a thin paint brush for long lines, dip the end of the paint brush into the paint for polka dots, use stickers, the possiblities are endless.

5. Take your pot outside (or in a well ventilated area) and spray with acrylic sealer spray to ensure that your creations don’t wash away. Let dry.

6. Place enough rocks or pebbles in the bottom of the can to form a single layer.

7. Fill can 2/3 of the way full with potting soil. Remove potted herb from its container and transplant into the can. Fill remaining space with potting soil.

8. Place can over a paper plate and give your NEW plant a drink of water.

9. Place your new plant on a sunny window sill or front porch and watch it grow!

10. Don’t forget to feed (water) your plant everyday!

11. Most importantly, make it fun, add your own special designs to the pots, and really personalize it! THE MORE CREATIVE THE BETTER!

* All entries should be sent to The selected winners will be posted on our blog along with your First Name and State. Please do not submit anything that you would not like to be posted on our blog. All entries are due by Tuesday, 4/20. Happy crafting!

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