Hartstrings Summer Camp 101

Get out your sleeping bags, bug spray, swimsuits, and stationary…                       IT’S SUMMER CAMP TIME!

 Are you getting ready to send the kids off to summer camp? Whether they are going away for two months or one day at a time, camp is a very exciting and nerve racking time for the parents and the kids (especially the first day!) For most parents dropping their children off at the bus stop for the first time brings tears to their eyes. But letting them loose at an overnight camp can be a little scary… for just a few moments, then its smooth sailing… for maybe just a few hours. Coincidentally, our children are 100% a part of us, so not a moment goes by that doesn’t trigger a thought or a parental feeling that drives us need to know where our children are, what they’re doing and most importantly are they safe? Camp is a BIG step! But, just like every other step in life, summer camp is a rite of passage for kids as they grow up. Camp brings a child into new surroundings, encourages them to meet new people, and try new activities.

As parents we must let them go. But it is definitely our job to prepare them with everything we possibly can to allow them to get out there, try new things and enjoy the world! Be sure to shop www.hartstrings.com and check out this season’s great collections for all your summer camp needs. Dropping off the best dressed child on the first day of camp isn’t hard when you choose Hartstrings!

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