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Memorial Day is often one of the most fun and laid-back days of the year. The holiday weekend is a popular time to host barbecues and picnics… and start wearing white shoes again! However, before the big day, save yourself time by creating a checklist for your Memorial Day picnic. The checklist you create can help you organize the preparations you need to complete, keeping the stress down and the fun up!

  1. The Guest List: Gather all your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers that you would like to celebrate with. You can invite them in person, via e-mail or through an online invitation system with easy electronic RSVPs. This will help you ensure that you purchase enough food.
  2. The Menu: Identify the food that you need to buy for your picnic. Separate your list buy meals, sides, snacks and beverages. Another good way to divide the menu is by children and adults. You’ll be sure to forget the juice boxes otherwise.
  3. The Tools: Add the grill utensils along with forks, spoons and knives (always the first to be forgotten) to your checklist. You may also need corkscrews or bottle openers depending on the beverages you will be serving at your picnic.
  4. The Entertainment: Prepare a few different games for your guests to enjoy at your picnic so that no one is left out of the fun. Wiffle ball, volleyball and bag toss are all great backyard games for the whole family to play …and you should always have a deck of cards around! And, never forget the music!
  5. Organize: Differentiate between the items you need to purchase for your Memorial Day picnic and those that you already have in your home. You may already have paper plates, napkins, sunscreen and playing cards in your home. Create two sections of your checklist, or two separate checklists, so that you do not end up purchasing products you own.

This Memorial Day get out your red, white and blue, fire up the grill and relax with family and friends!

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