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Hartstrings’ Tips for Smooth Sailing

School is almost out and the summer is right around the corner, it is officially time to plan family trips and vacations!

Let’s get the kid’s excited with some sailing trivia!

  1. What are the names of the front, right, left and back sides of the boat?
  2. What is the name of the board that sticks down the center of the boat into the water and is used for stability?
  3. When the captain says “We are at 46 knots,” Does that mean:

                   a. The crew has tied 46 knots in the rope of the sail

                   b. The crew voted and 46 of the sailors said “no”

                  c. The sailboat is moving at a speed of 46 knots or at 53 miles per hours


Answers are: Bow, Starboard, Port, Stern; Centerboard; C, a knot is one nautical mile

One of Hartstrings’ favorite summer activities is sailing! As you begin to build your family and take trips away from home, it is very important to plan and prepare on how to incorporate the entire family into the activities that you may have mastered before the kids. Smooth Sailing is a very tricky phrase when it comes to the open water and the children, so we have prepared a few key points to think about before you hit the water.

  • Always make your kids wear the life jackets.

Make sure they wear their life jackets on or near the water; and always remember that you can’t watch them every second. Sometimes life jackets don’t fit kids’ skinny little bodies snugly; leg straps (that join the front and back of the jacket between the legs) will keep them from riding up and perhaps being swept off the body.

  • Operate at safe speed. Do not try to show your kids that you are racing someone for competition.

Kids love it, but you need to know your limits, especially with precious cargo aboard.

  • Do not allow your kids to eat too much while sailing.

No one likes a sick sailor.

  • Give your kids small jobs on the sailboat, but keep a watch on them.

Remember, for kids to enjoy the sport, they have to be involved.

  • Lastly, Have Fun!

It’s important to maintain a level of seriousness while sailing and for everyone to listen to the captain, but at the end of the day smiling children make your memories and pictures that much better!

A few final thoughts, make sure that your sailors have all the best gear before you hit the water on your first family sailing adventure! Visit www.hartstrings.com for our nautical styles including embroidered shorts and shirts, along with great swimwear and cover-ups for boys and girls!

Smooth Sailing

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