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Do April showers really bring May flowers? I sure hope so! I am definitely ready for the sun and the gorgeous floral landscapes of the spring! Hartstrings, headquarter on the East coast outside of Philadelphia, experiences all of the crazy different forms of weather throughout the year, including April snow! Although I know exactly what I like when it comes to music, food, and movies I don’t necessarily like to choose favorites, especially when it comes to seasons!

In the suburbs of Philadelphia, fall comes in softly bringing a cool breeze over our summer sun burns and paints the leaves of our trees into a picturesque color scheme of green, red and yellow.  The smell of the crisp fall air, pumpkins and bonfires of October truly relax the soul. Although we hate to see the leaves of fall disappear winter brings beautiful moments also. When we receive the first snow fall of the winter, covering the entire countryside of the Pennsylvania and the world appears to be covered in a sparkling white blanket, the cold evening nights with a full moon in the sky instantly become my favorite time of year. Then, the winter brings another snow storm, and then another, and another and by then I would like absolutely nothing to do with the cold, snow, or shovels. Everyone begins the countdown to spring as February and March crawl by.

Finally, we reach April, the trickiest month of them all with the random 75 degree days that can put a smile on anyone’s face, intermixed with the reality checks of a snow shower or thunderstorm. April is definitely hardest on your tulips and your closet! When is the right time to pack away the jackets, gloves, and sweaters and possibly pull out the shorts?!  That’s right shorts, tee shirts, summer dresses and bathing suits; you almost thought that you would never hear those words ever again as the winter days seemed endless. Suddenly, May turns into June and the summer is here! You soak up every ounce of sunshine, baseball game, sand castle and ice cream a person can handle, creating amazing summer memories; which, as a child, teen, and adult become the best moments of your entire life… and then, before you lose all sense of reality, fall rolls back around.

I love Spring….my boys get this absolute look of joy on their faces when they put a short sleeve shirt on for the first time after winter….and when they get to wear shorts again, watch out!  They think it is the coolest thing!  Ahhhh – to be a kid again and find joy in simplest of things! – Amy Williams, Director of Human Resources

My favorite season is the fall because the weather slowly goes from warm to crisp and cool.  I love when the leaves start changing colors and it’s time to wear a light jacket.  It’s also football season!    My favorite memories as a child are playing outside during the fall months.  It’s the most beautiful time of year! – Ashley Waszkiewicz, Hartstrings Marketing Manager


Summer. Extra long days to spend time outside. Vacations at the beach. Watching the kids splash around in the pool.  – Kari Francione, Hartstrings Buyer 

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